We serve our client’s based in the following area’s and town’s in Waterford City and County.

Flat Roof Repair A flat roof despite their title is a roof which is ​not level, in contrast to the many types of sloped roofs. The slope of a roof is ​also known as its pitch and flat roofs have to be up to approximately 1​0 – 30°, to allow for rain to flow ​off the roof. Flat roofs ​have been ​in use since ancient ​times mostly in ​extreme climates and built up areas as they allow the roof space to be used as an extra living space or

Slate Roofing Contractor Waterford Done in a Day

Roof Repair Lismore

Finding a local qualified roofer in the Lismore area to get some repair work done? Well we can help you, we’re Lismore Roofing and we’re well known for our good work. Why not give us a call on the number above and we can get you a free roof evaluation and estimate as well as … Read more

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Recommended Roofing Waterford

Roof Leaks Repairs

The Most Common Causes on Roof Leaks If you have a leaky roof and your trying to figure out how it happened can be quite difficult as you may not be able to determine the cause of the problem yourself and will worry about what the cost of roofing repair work. One of the most … Read more

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Waterproof Repair & Installed Roofing Repair Waterford 2

Waterproof Repair & Installed

Waterproof Repair & Installation All our materials has be approved in Ireland. We are fully trained approved contractors and supply and fit all roof systems. We use only high performance, waterproofing, providing a complete range of membranes for use in modern building and civil construction projects. This reliable roof waterproofing system has been in use … Read more

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Latting and felting Roofs in Waterford

Roof Repair Waterford

Roofing Repair Waterford, Roof, Repairs, Gutters Waterford City Roofing professional roofing repair contractors for. Providing a quality, reliable, affordable roofing in Waterford. Family run business that has built a reputation upon their roofing and guttering services in Waterford. Waterford Roofing Contractors Dealing with a roof leak quickly can be the difference between a small job … Read more

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Latting and felting Roofs in Waterford

Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs in the sunny south east of Ireland Heavy rain can leave lasting damage on a roof in need of roof repairs in Waterford. This can be caused by many things; Storm damage from the hail, tree damage due to falling limbs, or even the damage by people walking your roof. Not to mention … Read more

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Valley Repairs and felting in Waterford

Recommended Roofers

Find the right Roofer | A Guide To Roofers in Waterford Roofs are arguably the most significant areas of our homes and properties. Try and imagine a life with no roofs, buildings would practically be inhabitable. Roofs take all the beating from hail, showers, snow and other elements of the weather condition while we stay … Read more

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