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Premium Residential Roofing in Kilmacthomas, IE

Premium Residential Roofing in Waterford, Ireland. Waterford City Roofing provides a full roof contractor service in Waterford city and county. Our expert team can carry out all types of work, from minor repairs such as fixing chimney or fascia boards through more involved projects like installing new roofs with the latest green technology available today, which will help you reduce your carbon footprint for years to come.

We will always ensure that any work carried out is done to the highest standards with complete customer satisfaction and a guarantee on all our services as fully certified roofers in Waterford City, Ireland. Waterford City Roofing has been established since .

If you would like more information about any service, don’t hesitate to call us on 353 61353762 or email, and we will be happy to give you a quote for work that needs doing today!

We also offer free quotes in Waterford. If you would like a free quote, please email us at or call on the number below, and we will arrange for one of our team to contact you within 24 hours. Contact Us Today.

Types of roof

Waterford City Roofing offers a full roof repair service in Waterfords City, Ireland. Our services include; gutter repairs and flat roof installation as well as chimney repairs. For more details on any of our range or what we can do for you, please contact us by phone , email , online form.

We cover all roofing work from small repairs to full re-roofs across a variety of materials, including tiled roofs – slate & clay tiles – terracotta shingle – corrugated sheet metal cladding withstanding severe weather conditions such as high winds, snow/ice storms, lightning strikes as well residential roofs.

Our Services

We are proud to offer a wide range of services such as emergency storm roofing, new roof installation, roof repairs and replacement, & Soffit services and more.

As a leading roofing contractor in the Waterford area, we have built a reputation for providing high-quality service and delivering on time.

One of our company’s main objectives is to provide you with excellent customer service from start to finish so that your roof replacement project will be as painless as possible.

Slate roofing contractor Waterford recommended roofing contractors

Along with our workmanship and customer service, we believe in helping you make the right decision. With that goal in mind, one of the first things to consider when planning a roof replacement is what type of repair or maintenance needs to be done on your current roof before moving forward. A minor leak can become major damage quickly if not dealt with quickly and properly. And the cost of a new roof is not always better or more economical than repairs to an existing one.

Gutter Replacement Supply Repairs in Waterford

 Gutter replacement is a process that involves the replacement of an old gutter with a new one. It is done because there are many reasons for replacing gutters, such as age and damage to the fascia board or siding around it from water spilling over and rotting them out.

Fascia Board Gutter Replacement in Waterford

If you’re looking to add a little curb appeal or need repairs for any of your fascia and soffit, we can help. Our expert will be able to make sure that all the boards are properly attached and fix any rotted areas in order to protect your home from water damage as well as keep it safe during strong winds.

We can also make sure that your fascia and soffit are in good condition before any extensive repairs are made. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing we’ve taken care of these building components.

Flat Roof Repairs Waterford

We’ll be able to make sure your roof is properly insulated so you don’t get any unnecessary energy costs. We also provide complete gutter and downspout installation in order to keep water from seeping into the house, as well as leak detection for when we’re not there with a quick fix.

chimney flashing Waterford

When your chimney needs repair, the team at Waterford City Roofing is here to help. We can fix all sorts of issues from simple creosote problems to a more complicated tuck-pointing job. Our technicians are educated in the latest techniques and always use quality materials so you know that when we’re done, your chimney will have been restored to full serviceability.

Premium Commercial Roofing in Kilmacthomas, IE

We are one of the few roofing companies that provide a fully insured service. – All our work is guaranteed for up to months, and we offer free quotations on all projects that will be tailored according to – no matter how small or large your project may seem. Your Safety & Satisfaction Are Our Top Priority. Let us take the stress out of your roofing project.

Waterford City Roofing provides a full roofing contractor service in Waterford City & County. The services we provide are; roof repairs, gutter repairs, fascia and soffit repairs & Installation, flat roof repairs, chimney repairs. Call us for a quote today.

Flat Roof Maintenance and Repairs Waterford
Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof Repair A flat roof despite their title is a roof which is ​not level, in contrast to the many types of sloped roofs.

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Commercial Factor Roofing Waterford
Fascia & Soffit Repairs

Commercial Roofing Systems

Waterford Roofing Consultants bid on roofing and re-roofing commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings in, this is because we are licensed as residential, commercial, and industrial

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Roof Tile Repairs waterford
Recommended Roofers

Roof Tile Repairs

Looking for proper roof tile repairs in Waterford. Loose tiles, damaged tiles and cracked roof tiles repaired professionally by our expert Roofers in Waterford City

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High Quality Work

Waterford City Roofing are highly professional roofers, offering the best in quality workmanship. We offer services including chimney repairs; gutter replacement & repair of all types from standard to heavy duty materials for commercial and residential projects.

Years of Experience

Waterford City Roofing has been in operation for over 30 years and have successfully completed many projects. We offer a full range of roof repairs, gutter replacements & chimney repair services throughout Waterford City.

Fast and Efficient Roofing Projects

We offer a fast, efficient, and clean roofing project service. Our qualified team will always be on time for appointments with the customer List of services: Roof repairs; gutter replacements & repair work from standard to heavy-duty materials - chimney cleaning/repair in Waterford City area including installation or replacement if required too. Call us today.

Trust the Professionals

If you're looking for a quality roofing service to get your property repaired, then Waterford City Roofing is the company that will be able to provide it. We will be able to perform a complete roof installation with new shingles, and we'll also provide downspouts in order to keep water from seeping into your house. We even offer leak detection for when you're not home so that we can have the issue fixed quickly.

Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee a quality service at the best price. It includes labor and materials needed for repair work - we will provide a detailed quote before any repairs commence.

Customer Service 

Waterford City Roofing will listen to your requirements and any information that you may have. We are dedicated, trustworthy people who care about our customers - we want them happy with the service they receive from us at all times.

If you’re looking for a quality roofing service to get your property repaired, then Waterford City Roofing is the company that will be able to provide it.  We will be able to perform a complete roof installation with new shingles, and we’ll also provide downspouts in order to keep water from seeping into your house. We even offer leak detection for when you’re not home so that we can have the issue fixed quickly.


The Waterford City Roofing team has experience performing emergency roof repairs in order to get your home back into shape as soon as possible. We’ll take the time and care that is needed so that no damage occurs while we’re fixing it up, but if you’ve got any kind of problem that might arise from a leaky or torn roof. We’ll be able to work quickly and efficiently in order to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.